Nokia 7710 Theme Studio

Nokia 7710 Theme Studio

Nokia 7710 Theme Studio

The Nokia 7710 Theme Studio for Symbian OS is a PC Tool to be used to create theme packages for the Nokia 7710 smartphone. Themes are used to change the look of your mobile phone user interface (UI).

For example, the tool allows you to customize application icons, color schemes and logical fonts and colors. Additionally, items specific to individual applications, such as the icon used to represent that application on the mobile phone UI can be customised.

The tool is not meant to be used to edit the individual bitmaps, rather a commercial graphical editor should be used for this task. Once the theme is created it can be exported and used both on the SDK emulator and the Nokia 7710 smartphone.

Create a theme from scratch.
Create a theme from base graphics.
Modify a previously created theme.
Support for contrast and brightness adjustment of a theme package.
Edit font and color properties.
Preview graphics and animations.
View the theme using the Nokia 7710 SDK for Symbian OS.
Generate a SIS file for installing the theme on the Nokia 7710 smartphone.
Compatible with Nokia 7710 SDK for Symbian OS.


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